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Alpha Tauri Collection 

for Alpha Tauri and Catawiki


Catawiki X "Scuderie Alpha Tauri". 

Three pieces to beat at auction.

Elena Salmistraro, celebrated for her vibrant, emotive designs and unparalleled creative vision, has reimagined used Formula 1 components from Scuderia AlphaTauri, such as race-used wheel nuts, rear rims, and brake discs, into exquisite design objects. Her ‘F1 Redesigned’ collection is a testament to the thrilling synergy between the dynamic world of F1 racing and the transformative power of contemporary design. The collection features three one-of-a-kind pieces exclusively designed for the Catawiki auction and personally signed by the artist.

“Working with Formula 1 materials for the first time was a thrilling challenge. My aim was to blend the technical beauty of racing with aesthetic innovation, creating designs that resonate with F1 fans and design lovers alike. These pieces aren’t just objects; they’re stories and emotions made tangible. They possess a unique identity that makes them adaptable to any setting, whether minimalist or maximalist. I’m excited to see them inspire new stories in their future homes.” Elena Salmistraro, designer and artist.

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