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for Art&Design 24 Ore Cultura


"Naturalia",  the new art&design24 capsule curated by Cristina Morozzi and signed by Fulvia Mendini and Elena Salmistraro, exclusively at the Mudec Design Store in Milan.

The 24 ORE Cultura, brand dedicated to "designer" objects inspired by the themes of art, design, architecture, music and fashion-launches Naturalia, the new collection curated by Cristina Morozzi with designs by Fulvia Mendini and Elena Salmistraro.

The products of the new series-notepads, notebooks, pochettes, bags and scarves-will be available exclusively at the Design Store at Mudec in Milan and soon online at

Naturalia is a world inhabited by bizarre creatures, colorful and funny, some the result of metamorphosis and strange combinations, others with a simple and delicate appearance. Beings escaped from a dreamlike and ironic world together, come to life and make simple everyday objects special. In the contemporary scenario dominated by uncertainties, Naturalia becomes an "other" space in which to find a new contact with an imaginative nature, a space open to imagination.

Selected and guided by Cristina Morozzi - journalist, writer, critic, art director, among the most important exponents of the contemporary design world - Fulvia Mendini and Elena Salmistraro, were able to best interpret the theme of Naturalia, creating an extraordinary series that tells of a world inhabited by fantastic animals and delicate blooms.

"The personal stylistic signature of the two artists makes classic figurative types, such as animals and flowers, special, creating a collection that offers the surprise and value of the unprecedented," says curator Cristina Morozzi.

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