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Karl Lagerfeld - Pop Karl 

for Karl Lagerfeld x Bosa


The KARL LAGERFELD X BOSA collection is comprised of two distinctive sculptures inspired by the signature look that made Karl Lagerfeld himself an instantly recognizable figure. These creative reimaginings are elevated homages to his endless ability to create and design from an innovative perspective. 

 POP KARL is a humorous and playful representation embracing Karl’s irony and wit.  Designer Elena Salmistraro known for her imaginative touch, uses color and contrast to create a vivid, textured piece while Nika Zupanc’s  ROCK KARL, captures his signature look in more monochromatic tones: black suit, white shirt, and dark sunglasses. She brings this iconic style to life by adding a pop of color to the dentelle collar and a brushed gold hue for the fingerless gloves. Each piece measures 41cm in height and 18cm in width.

A shared commitment to honoring heritage and mastery of their respective crafts is what led KARL LAGERFELD to partner with Bosa. An internationally renowned ceramics workshop in the Venetian countryside, Bosa has a reputation for excellent craftmanship in its entirely handmade pieces. This passion forms the heart of this collaboration and ensures that each piece remains unique, recognizable and of the finest quality.

Material: Ceramic

Size: H 40 cm

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