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for DND



design by Elena Salmistraro

The dream world that characterises the designer’s work is transferred to the body of the

handle, a blank page on which to express herself through design and graphics. Rounded

shapes and different materials – aluminium and ceramic – come together in a handle with

an assembled look that is both original and joyful. Two versions are available: with the

ceramic surface decorated, or completely white.

Crisalide is part of a collection that includes two different handles: CRISALIDE and DUNE


The handle from a design point of view is a truly challenging object.

Firstly because of its use, a constant we all come in contact with on a daily basis, and this entails special attention to the factors of ergonomics, resistance and durability of materials.

Secondly, and no less important, for the nature of the handle is complementary to another object, the door, but at the same time indispensable and basic. 

The handle without the door has no utility or value, but it is in the union that it acquires strength and value, also developing the extreme capacity to absolutely condition aesthetics. 

Therefore, over the years the handle has also become a stylistic symbol, a sort of manifesto, on a par with chairs.

Two handles were designed for DND, they are called Dune and Crisalide respectively. 

They are two very different objects, but they have in common the Porcelain element.

They are very different from each other because the theme has been approached in two opposite directions. The first one, Crisalide, seeks to re-imagine the classic porcelain handle in a contemporary aspect, so it retains its decorated body, which in this case is inspired by the wings of butterflies, from which it takes its name, but simplifying the shapes, and above all the closing sphere which gives it due importance and refinement.

The second on the other hand, Dune, seeks to narrate movement through the sinuosity of the decoration. Porcelain indeed, in this case, takes on a shape characterized by the 3D texturing given by the stripes, very fluid S-shaped pipes, which recall the design of desert dunes. Dune embodies a completely new idea of the porcelain handle by using the ovoid shape as well as the enveloping decoration and the available color palette, elements that make it very contemporary and transversal.

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