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Spire and Spire + 

for Ceramica Flaminia


Spire and Spire + are born with the idea to transform the basin in a sculptural object. An object that is the protagonist beyond its function.

As the name implies, the whole composition is a formal reflection on the spiral structure.

In fact, the initial idea was to create a sort of vortex, a seashell, or in any case an enveloping shape that could communicate the idea of ​​movement and delicacy that belongs to liquids.

Obviously, from the initial idea to the final result, there were many steps, processes and changes. The basin is an industrial product in terms of production, shape and numbers, a condition that forces it to deal with a large number of constraints and considerations.

Spire has nevertheless maintained its double conical and asymmetrical shape, which makes it look like a modern seashell, recalling in prospectus a sort of essential and synthetic vortex/spiral.

The Spire + version adds a three-dimensional decoration that enhances the inclined surface, the movement and exposure to light, enhancing the initial idea of ​​lightness and fluidity.

Spire is available in both circular and oval versions.

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