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New Atomic Age 

for Scapin


The future seen from the past, but reinterpreted in a contemporary aspect, a sort of time travel, a collection back to the future.

In the twenty years between 1940 and 1960 the world was the victim of the Cold War and terrorized by a nuclear catastrophe, but at the same time found the strength, energy and courage to imagine a better future, a space age, an atomic age. Architecture and design could not but represent this dream, this desire, and they do so by daring shapes and introducing graphic symbols and elements related to the greatest fear, the atom.

Changing destiny, overturning emotions, subverting the state of things, this is what design can do, and it can do it especially through shapes and signs.

In an anomalous period, where time is suspended between fears and unknowns, the Atomic Age of design is a reference, a cue and an example. The collection designed by Elena Salmistraro for Scapin comes from the same desire: simple objects, with primordial forms, forms with a center, a nucleus, an origin, which are loaded with symbols, messages, material cuts with a manifest "atomic" appeal.

Not an excess of colors, image and appearance, but natural essences and black and white, a declared desire for concreteness and essentiality, also evident in the use of simple geometries that, however, acquire complexity in their composition, taking on a request, a message. Circles, lines, nuclei, orbits, add up, overlap, mix to give life to new codes, to a new vision, which has the strength to express a new need, a new necessity, energy, strength, life.

A journey through time where Primitivism and Futurism come together to create the "New Atomic Age", symbol of a new beginning.

Isotopo Table,  Particella Coat Hanger, Anodo Stool,  Catodo Vase, Catodo Lamp.

AD Studio Milo

PH Beppe Brancato

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