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for Technogym


Elena Salmistraro has designed this special version of the Technogym Bench, the home design bench for functional training, reflecting on sport as movement, energy, strength, life and speed, and reflecting on the ancient bond between men and gods. Of these, the fastest was Mercury, which the designer chose as a representative stratagem to narrate the theme of movement, and which not surprisingly gives the artwork its name.

It is an abstract, contemporary, pop and futurist work that portrays the primary idea of motion through drawings and symbols. Wings, legs, streams of lines overlap to give life to an unusual funny and colorful figure that runs so fast that the wind deforms its features.

"Representing movement is always something very complex, it was as tiring as it was fun, it was as stimulating as it was exhausting, just like a physical exercise, a sport. After all, painting is as much a union of body and mind as sport."

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