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Fatnoma Collection 

for Lithea


The Fatnoma decorative panel recalls the Greek name Phathnoma, which indicates the 'coffered' workmanship customarily used in temple construction to lend an aura of majesty and nobility to the building.

The concept of the coffer is reinterpreted in various elongated three-dimensional forms, repeated and enriched with grooves that recall columns and entablatures.

The element, thus reworked and set in relief, makes the surface particularly rich and dynamic also thanks to the contemporary use of different marbles.

 The Koilon console owes its name to the steps of the Greek theatre, reserved for the spectators: the elegant and symmetrical shape of the plane-legs composition recalls the succession of columns and arches that defines the volumes of classical architecture.

The marble chosen with white and grey veins gives the product a harmonious, refined and timeless image, embodying the ideal of beauty and perfection typical of Greek art.


Ivory White, Phoenix White, Pitch Stone, Alpine Green, Imperial Bardiglio


Fatnoma / Fatnoma wall surface: l. 190 x h. 300 cm 

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