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"Torre Velasca QR Code: Quick revolution Code" 

for Hines + Interni




"Torre Velasca QR Code: Quick Re-Evolution Code" is the title of the digital installation created as part of the INTERNI Design Re-Evolution exhibition-event by designer Elena Salmistraro that virtually embroiders new connections between Milan and its iconic Tower


Milan - Awaiting the finalization of the restoration project supported by Hines - a global real estate investment, development and management company - as development manager, Torre Velasca, a longtime pioneer in the architecture and design sector, is once again a spokesperson for a "Re-Evolution": through an innovative and contemporary language, the Tower brings the FuoriSalone into the virtual world for the first time with a totally digital installation to offer an immersive journey through new levels of perception to complement reality. 


The installation, designed by Italian designer Elena Salmistraro and created as part of the INTERNI Design Re-Evolution exhibition-event, will be easily accessible by everyone via a QR-Code through stickers placed at more than 80 nerve points in the city, as well as through various on-and-off-line channels. Through his work, the artist proposes a hyper-realist reinterpretation of the Velasca Tower, an iconic symbol of the Milan skyline, wrapped in a colorful weave of yarns that extends from the base to the top.  


The yarns, symbolically a metaphor for the urban and social fabric in which the Tower is embedded, are a representation of the ongoing regeneration project developed by Hines, which, together with the Asti Architetti firm, has the swirling goal of mending the relationship between Milan and its Tower, returning usable spaces to citizens. 


With the installation "Torre Velasca QR Code: Quick Re-Evolution Code" reality and imagination intertwine weaving new and evocative urban and architectural configurations, challenging the laws of matter, space and physics. An absolute premiere, an opportunity to venture into the world of new modes of communication, representation and knowledge of reality.

"For two years now, Torre Velasca has been resuming its dialogue with the city and today it is back in the news. This time it has relied on the talent of Elena Salmistraro and the visionary ability of Gilda Bojardi to do so. - said Mario Abbadessa, senior managing director and country head of Hines in Italy-. "In line with our goal of giving back to the city a new destination to be experienced as a space for sharing and social exchange, we found in Elena Salmistraro's project the key messages that are driving our sustainable regeneration project: accessibility and connection. Through this installation, in fact, Torre Velasca virtually reconnects to its territory and makes itself visible at 360°, waiting to be able to experience it in its new dimension at the beginning of 2024."


"On the occasion of FuoriSalone, Torre Velasca is once again transformed and confirmed as one of the symbols of Milan Design Week," says Gilda Bojardi, director of INTERNI. "After the two memorable light installations by the poet of lights Ingo Maurer - which made one of Milan's iconic skyscrapers be discovered and re-discovered by the great national and international design public - this time the Tower is reinterpreted thanks to Elena Salmistraro's project for Hines, whose digital installation develops in an absolutely innovative way the theme proposed by INTERNI for the great exhibition-event Design Re-Evolution."  


The Torre Velasca development project has also been realized with the support of Prelios SGR, as manager of the HEVF Milan 1 fund -an alternative investment fund that owns the property-, as well as with the support of CBRE, Colliers and DILS, which are handling the marketing of the spaces.


Concept idea, art direction, event production and media planning of the "Torre Velasca QR Code: Quick Re-Evolution Code" project are signed by Beyond The Line, Hines' strategic & creative partner in the initiative.


"Torre Velasca QR Code: Quick Re-Evolution Code" will be visible on the initiative's dedicated website and on the social channels of Torre Velasca and INTERNI.

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