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Le Forme della Gentilezza 

for Tempo


Six different Tempo handkerchief packs illustrated with the themes of friendship, love, sharing, empathy, respect and nature

Tempo, a celebrated brand of quality skin-friendly handkerchiefs, part of the Swedish Essity Group, a leading hygiene and health care company, presents in collaboration with designer Elena Salmistraro the new Tempo Summer Limited Edition packs.

The theme developed in different iconic designs revolves around 'The Shapes of Kindness,' geometric figures conceived by Salmistraro according to her colorful and dreamlike style, an artistic union between illustration and design proposed in six different abstract variants.

"This collaboration has six different patterns that visually represent kindness, or a set of kind textures, threaded together, brought back in a bright and colorful version."

Already on the shelves, the fully biodegradable Tempo handkerchiefs are all collectible.

The Friendship pattern has circular and intertwined shapes, with full, energetic and vital colors, while the Love one is wrapped in the color passion red and carries oval silhouettes and intertwined lines.

Characterized by the color blue, a symbol of trust and tranquility, the Sharing design features wavy shapes linked together that generate a vibration of interconnectedness.

Geometric elements colored pink symbolize Empathy, the texture of tenderness, affection and understanding.

Yellow understood as transparency and sincerity in relationships illuminates the pattern Respect Conversely, the Nature package shows silhouettes of intertwined blades of grass, mountain-like triangles and blue rectangles reminiscent of the sea.

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