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Sveva: Chocolate sculpture, a symbol of perseverance, inclusiveness and energy.Sveva, a symbol of life.

Surface Your Ideas - Elena Salmistraro x Connor Klein

To demonstrate the power and versatility of Surface Pro 9*, we brought together award-winning designer Elena Salmistraro (Italy) and talented chocolate artist Connor Klein (Netherlands). Two different creative worlds, countries apart, they took inspiration from each other's ideas. Together, they aimed to share a positive message with the world. Beginning as a colourful drawing on Elena's Surface, it came to life in Connor's workshop, becoming a tasty chocolate sculpture. Here is Sveva: a symbol of perseverance and inclusiveness. A unique creature that encompasses the traits and characteristics of many animals, for example the fox, the raccoon or the fish. Sveva is there to remind us to always look for a positive solution, even in difficult times. Sveva is proof that by sharing our ideas, without barriers, we give wonderful things a chance to happen.

H 50 cm.

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