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for Lanerossi


For the leading international event in the world of design, Lanerossi illustrates its encounter with the poetic vision and inimitable style of Elena Salmistraro, presenting the new “Campanule” (Bluebells) collection of decorative cushions and blankets, whose patterns will invade the outdoor and indoor spaces of the store in a site-specific installation developed as an immersive experience in the creative world of Lanerossi.

The design reinterprets the form of these springtime flowers for which it is named, through a combination of geometric elements obtained by mixing soft, flowing lines with more rigid and at times angular shapes, making it unique and contemporary. The designer thus creates a hypnotic visual effect of great impact, resembling the cone formed by the petals of the bluebell flower when it blossoms, along with stems that intertwine and mingle in a harmonious way.

Saddle stitching in bright green enhances all the borders, in contrast with the hues selected for the blankets and cushions, from intense violet to pale pink.  

The result is a collection of exceptional elegance, capable of bringing out the quality of the yarns, perfectly reflecting the designer’s approach in pursuit of the expressive language of objects, ready to fascinate the observer while prompting vivid emotions.

With remarkable softness, the collection is made in pure virgin wool with the Woolmark certification, taken from selected flocks of Merino sheep. The material offers excellent properties of thermal insulation, thermoregulation and absorption of humidity.

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