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for Alessi


Elena Salmistraro offers us an interpretation of the imagery associated with Christmas, subverting its traditional aesthetic and iconographic canons. The decoration used for this collection is composed of a digitally inspired mosaic of colours and rigid geometries that weaves together different cultures and international traditions.

"Telling the story of birth, designing a nativity scene, relating to religion is never an easy thing.

So I tried to think of the nativity scene simply as an object, initially stripping it of all sacred meaning and superstructure, and consider it only as a set of statuettes, as sculptural objects, as volumes in space.

It was precisely this idea of sculpture, understood as an assemblage of solid volumes in relation to light, that guided my composition, generating strong, angular statuettes, brutalist if you like, but at the same time surrounded by a noble, important, almost regal aura, which unconsciously adhered perfectly to the sacred subject represented. Hence the name Holyedric, the amusing union of Sacred-Holy and Polyhedron-Volume of many faces.

The idea of royalty is accentuated through the use of gold decorations, typical of sacred art, but the real peculiarity are the multicoloured pixelated inserts, which give the object its true contemporary image, giving it a global-multicultural character, intended as a sign of union, coexistence, multiplicity, peace."

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