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Embracing the rock spirit implies being free to explore new artistic frontiers, to break the mould and experiment with innovative materials and techniques, but also to actively and responsibly contribute to the planet and society.

Hence the approach to GRUMETTO by Elena Salmistraro: original in its lines, independent in its form, versatile and distinct much like its name, freely inspired by special goldsmith’s workmanship. 

Its soft, welcoming contours, like a precious interlacing chain, open up to a dialogue between the various elements: perfect in their individuality, surprising when combined. 

The main features of Grumetto: 

It is a modular sofa with 12 available modules, with the structure supported by feet. It can be accessorised and has a removable covering in both the fabric and leather version.

Each component of the system is born with an independent spirit and the potential to create perfect combinations, granting total compositional freedom. 

Its identity is backed by its unique base that serves as a practical support island, already built into the sofa.

Armchair or chaise longue? Grumetto articulates its concept of cosiness in several models catering to multiple aspirations for comfort and space. 

Both versions, with different profiles and volumes, come with a matching table that makes the seating even more functional. 

The protruding base, the backrest’s soft, inviting curve, and the occasional table rising from the surface, all allude to the idea of a jewel made up of precious elements. 

The system is available in a maximum of three shades of the same fabric in the respective combinations: foot-base-occasional table, backrest-armrest, seat. 

The distinctiveness of the various elements comprising the system resides in their independent and iconic spirit: even on their own, they form a whole. 

The ease with which the various elements can be combined offers the possibility to create numerous compositions to suit any living space. 

The pouffe becomes yet another decorative and practical element that can be used to add depth to the seat, if desired. 

Grumetto also has a characteristic supporting foot, giving it a truly distinct personality.

 The oval or round two-sided cushions perfectly complement the product’s design. A precious fabric strip customised with the Busnelli monogram outlines the form of the cushions in the fashion-inspired monogram version. 

Grumetto is also the culmination of an ambitious eco-design project, with a deeply green soul!

In fact, the possibility to pull it completely apart means its components are easy to dispose of at 

the end of its life, creating a virtuous cycle of materials that lead to new life. 

The cushion padding is made from PET recovered from the sea and reprocessed to achieve extraordinary softness and excellent seating comfort. 

The covering, specially designed for this product, is a very high quality fabric manufactured from the recovery of carefully selected white plastic bottles, which are then processed to make the yarn look as similar as possible to the natural one.

Speaking of accessories: the occasional table is made of Baydur rigid polyurethane and a steel mounting plate, painted with solvent-free and VOC-free epoxy powders.

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