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Chiccera Coffee Table 

for Hotique


Chicchera by Elena Salmistraro is a reborn coffee table that in her previous life, was a side table that adored being the queen of the coffee moment, she enjoyed listening to conversations between espressos and cappuccinos, holding all kinds of cups such as sober ones, rococos, with weird shapes and vibrant colors…, she loved to feel the heat of the coffee on her surface …

This is why the designer Elena Salmistraro has decided to give her a new life and turn her into a cup of coffee playing with the scales and turning the story around. Now the cup of coffee becomes a side table and has a new soul waiting for beautiful moments ahead.


Material: Manufactured with decorated steel 2 mm and 24 Ct gold plated.


Dimensions: Ø 82 cm 

Hight: 52 cm

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