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for Danese


A mutant camel, a camel that comes from distant galaxies unknown to humans. The body has turned blue as befits a true self-respecting alien, it is almost texturized, saturated with dashes, which spit reddish-colored electrical tongues at an unlikely seat. The head became similar to that of a snake, the humps were colored salmon to signal the spectators their ascension to the sky, all emphasized by white lines similar to contour lines on a topographic map. The legs, on the other hand, in contact with contaminated soils have lost their color becoming white.

Hand painted, on the occasion of the event "16 animals, 16 authors, 16 December" curated by Giulio Lacchetti for Danese, on one of the shapes, the camel in fact, of the wooden puzzle that Enzo Mari designed in 1957.

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