Three-dimensional decorative panel for Lithea


A reinterpretation of the exquisite Majolica pottery of Caltagirone, an abstract concept in which the decorative motif is modernized and stylized thanks to the use of pitchstone.

On a rectangular panel soft, intertwined lines start from a central point creating a stylized façade, framed by the classic, traditionally Sicilian floral design which gives birth to a totally black figurative creation rendered even more precious by the copper leaf decoration that illuminates parts of the design.

A 300 x 500 cm three-dimensional decorative panel in pitchstone, with a freestyle manual application of copper leaf using the mordant gilding technique.

Pitchstone, a soft limestone which is particularly appreciated for its chromatic characteristics, is exclusively extracted from a mine located in Ragusa: it is also known as “asphaltic rock” and it takes on a coloring that ranges from grey to dark brown and the presence of both fossils and veining make it unique.

Known to mankind since antiquity, this stone has been used mainly for decorative purposes in churches and aristocratic buildings from the baroque period in south-eastern Sicily.

Dimensions: 300 X 500 cm

Material: Pitchstone, with a free-style manual application of copper leaf using the mordant gilding technique.

Vicolo Calusca 10/B

20123 Milano Italia

P.iva 07309160963

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