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Vase for Effecte


Blend, mixture, fusion: all these terms indicate the same thing. 

In this specific case, it is the concept that gives life to the object itself: two formally articulated volumes, with a triangular base and an almost circular head blend and mix giving rise to an "anonymous bonds" network. The largest and most solid one supports and assists the smallest and most fragile one, a process that culminates in an indivisible unicum that attempts to be approximately reminiscent of a dashed human heart.

The project’s purpose is to bring together handicraft, forging and 3D printers, optimizing the technological component that characterizes its outward appearance, giving life to a vase hardly feasible with traditional handcrafting methods and making it strong of an experimental soul aimed at research. 

Designed for LegamiAnonimi event, supervised by Lorenzo Palmeri, celebrating ADSINT 50 years of business.


Dimension: h 35 cm x 20 cm

Material: 3d Printed Metal

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