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Ceramic sculpture and animation for Apple


One of the most iconic and emblematic symbols of the city is the coat of arms of the House of Visconti, the Biscione, a large snake. 

I had fun imagining that the question “what will you do tomorrow, Milan?” was not made to me, but directly to the Biscione, who would have been called to depict the city on this occasion. The multitude of concepts that I tried to develop gave me the chance to create an answer that is full of meanings and creative cues, which cheered me up. I imagined a snake that never stops growing, developing and evolving and while doing so it humanizes, it enhances its artistic side, it is full of colors and always fashionable, it isn’t hostile, but quite the opposite, it shows its best side, friendly and protective.

I tried to imagine “El bisson” (in Milanese dialect) as I would like my best friend to be, creating a parallel with the city, which I hope will become a unique place, enchanting and captivating, one of those places that one always holds dear in their heart.

And this is how the symbol of Milan evolves and transforms into a dragon.

Animation and rendering: Elena Salmistraro

Media: Ipad Pro + Procreate, MacBook Pro

Statue: designed by Elena Salmistraro

Materials: Ceramics

Size: h 50 cm x 25 cm x 35 cm.



Usually when I design everything starts from a pencil and any sheet of paper. It matters to me to specify that any paper works, because it often involves napkins, receipts or whatever I find in the moment. I need it to catch the idea on paper, to seize the moment. Later, with more time and more quiet, I develop the concept and the shapes: precisely for this step and for this project I had the pleasure and chance to work on an Ipad pro with its Apple Pencil and use the Procreate app, it was a lot of fun. After the initial exploration I discovered a tool that I won’t easily be able to do without, it was fantastic to discover its secret and especially the level of detail and precision. Naturally I only focused on the bidimensional aspect, and then I sent my concept to 3d modelling which analysed my sketches in detail using a MacBook Pro and rendered a model which was extremely coherent with my sketches.


Apple Initiative:

21 creative minds from Milan, for one question, What will you fo tomorrow Milan? 

21 projects which accompany the launch of the first Cupertino store in downtown Milan, not a mere store, but a statement, to flat out restate the likeness of mind between creativity and Apple.

The answers are a photograph of the creative energy of the city; Designer, photographers, videomakers and musicians have given life to a special melting pot which enhances and promotes the brilliant exuberance of the city.



Elena Salmistraro, Charlie Charles, Olimpia Zagnoli, Arthur Arbesser, Corrado Grilli/Mecna, Bea De Giacomo, Giorgio di Salvo, Camilla Ferrari, Ruggiero Colonna Romano, Elena Xausa, Sofia Gallotti, Martina Pastori, Karol Sudolski, Stefano Colferai, Caterina Viganò, Giuliano Buttafuoco, Gio Pastori, Cristian Acquaro, Valerio Sommella, Piotr Niepsuj, Bianca Bagnarelli.

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