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for Bosa + WWF


The panda is the international symbol of all endangered species and it’s no coincidence that it's also the icon of the WWF. In this sculpture, this cute and often lazy bear stands proudly on his hind legs.

Bernardo means ‘strong and brave as a bear’, and Elena Salmistraro has envisioned him adorned like the head of a tribe. A sort of armor, the crown of leaves and branches of his favorite food, bamboo, turns him into a hero ready to fight for the endangered species and defend all other animals.

The unique decorations of this ceramic piece with its alternating hues and its 3D inserts and refined shiny and matt finish, making it a fascinating character that inspires the imagination and reminds us how vital it is to save our planet.

Dimensions: Height 48 cm


Material: Colour enamel and precious metal coating on Ceramic

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