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Axo in fabula 

for Cappellini


“Axo” is a diminutive of Axolotl, a unique species of salamander with a sort of magical power, an extraordinary ability to recover and regenerate itself.

Axo, funny and friendly, becomes a perfect icon, the mascot of a common desire, already presented in the previous collaboration between Elena Salmistraro and Cappellini, where the need of action is the driving force of a change, of our search for a continuous regeneration.

The idea is to give birth to a rag doll, such as those of the past which were sewn by grandmothers reusing, re-assembling and regenerating scraps of fabric that still had value and energy. A simple, yet significant gesture, the project, the love, the fairy tale, the reuse, a real teaching translated into game and passion.

In this case, the fabrics are those of the various Cappellini collection which re-assembled, re-generated and sewn by the expert hands of the Cooperativa Alice collaborators give life to a unique doll, a real work of art, the outcome of the eye of a child who, with spontaneity and innocence, imagines magical and fantasy worlds, the world of the future, regenerated by elements of the past.

From a simple rag doll, Axo transforms into a representation full of significance, such as the desire of rebirth, play, lightness and action, but also concreteness, passion and project: Axo is the negation of the extinction, is the assertion of life itself.

This project has been realized in collaboration with the Cooperativa Alice, promoter of “Ethically Made in Italy”, the first made in Italy supply chain guaranteed by the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization), together with Il Laboratorio based in Quartoggiaro and Fiori all’Occhiello in Baranzate.

Art Direction:Giulio Cappellini.

PH Stefano De Monte.

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