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Side Table for Stone Italiana


Elena Salmistraro’s working relationship with Stone Italiana continues: after the Zeno coffee table (presented at Stone Italiana’s first appearance at the Salone del Mobile in 2017) she has created Astro, a side table designed for use in bars. The overall design is simple, even minimalist: a light metal frame holds up three round surfaces of varying sizes made from engineered quartz. The result is an elegant, versatile piece of furniture.

The table top – made using Terrazzo Grey, Stone Italiana’s new interpretation of the iconic Venetian flooring – is the introduction to this very cosmological creation and gives concrete proof of the versatility of this product. The small Noisette Rocface surface on top is reminiscent of a satellite planet spinning through space, while the third, made with White Terrazzo and located near the ground with metal spokes radiating out from it, reminds us of a spiral galaxy. 

AD Lorenzo Palmeri.

Dimensions: Total height 106 cm, diameter 60 cm.

Material: Recomposed quartz plates

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