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Amor Fati

Installation for Cappellini



In a constant exchange between design and philosophical thought, from the 12th to 23rd of April 2021, the Milanese showroom in Via Santa Cecilia stages Amor Fati, Elena Salmistraro depicting the Cappellini world. The dreamlike imagery, hyperdecorativism and eclectic language of the designer featuring collaborations with Disney, Vitra and Apple, meet the natural, sophisticated and timeless shades of sand and gray, enlivened by details in yellow, green, blue and in the inescapable black which define the set-up curated by Giulio Cappellini to present the brand's 2021 new products.

With Amor Fati, Elena Salmistraro depicting the Cappellini world, the brand once again proves to be a careful interpreter of contemporaneity, its complexity and its transformations, in which daily habits must be constantly rethought. With passion, creativity and a cultural approach, the company observes the events and evolution of global society in order to continue to comeback with new, consistent and stimulating answers to the market.

At this particular moment in history, destiny puts us all in the face of choices, resigning and undergoing, or adapting and reacting. Today more than ever the theme of love becomes actual and real.

Amor Fati is love towards destiny, not mere acceptance, not fatalism but the exact opposite.

The destiny is ours, and only we are able to realize it, convey it, improve it, through our actions, our choices, our projects.

In design, projects represent a turning point, a choice, a change, not only for designers, but also for the company, for society, for culture.

Elena Salmistraro, through her ironic and elegant look, tells a story made of images, where designers, with their projects, become mythological creatures, abstract, ideal. They become moments, decisions, changes. They become the act of love towards fate, that fate that under the guise of snake, Ouroboros, intertwines and twists through characters and projects, symbolizing a story, a destiny, the story of Cappellini precisely, where lives, projects and icons of design meet, They wind and follow each other just like a big snake, starting and ending under the image of Giulio Cappellini, head and tail, creator and initiator of what is the history of Cappellini company.

PH Stefano De Monte

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