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Alla's Army

Sculptures for Guerrieri


"Alla" is the feminine, lively protagonist of the artist/designer Elena Salmistraro’s imaginary, a peculiar character made ​​ironic and irreverent by the events, whose femininity is emphasized by her mane of hair: reproduced in several pieces, this sculpture almost constitutes a true army. 

This lovely piece of art is made in white ceramic and can be decorated and customized by anyone with a vivid imagination and creativity, by using acrylics, enamels, pencils, markers, and paints, as if it were a real canvas. Alternatively, it can be left rough as it is the moment it is produced, or hand-painted by renowned artists who will give it a distinctive personality, complementing its design and transforming it into a unique artwork. 

Alla may be also customized, numbered and signed by its creator, for collection purposes.

Size: 40 cm height x 15 cm width x 8 cm depth

Material: Ceramic

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