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The “Ad  Lucem – Towards the Light” chair, dedicated to the apostle John was inspired by the symbol of the eagle which represents the disciple artistically, in that as the eagle was deemed to be able to fly looking at the sun, so John would have contemplated the True Light of the Word.

John was in fact considered the theologian of the group of twelve apostles, precisely on account of the depth of his religious vision and the eagle symbolizes the heights to which he rises in the famous prologue constituting the incipit of his Gospel (Inno al Logos).

The eagle is stylized in the shape of the oak backrest, inserted in the smooth glass seat which conceptually represents empty space, the sky in which the bird of prey liberates itself in flight, while the letters of the first verse of the "prologue" ideally fall, to be collected in the glass case.

1:13The thirteen chairs that were never painted in Leonardo's Last Supper, curated by Ghigos ideas.

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Maximum dimensions: 110 cm height x 65 cm width.

Material: Oak wood and glass.

Still life photo: Max Falsetta Spina.

Artistic photo: Mirta Kokalj.  Carpentry photo: Eleonora Cristin and Carmen Mitrotta.

Production: AC di Claudio Gatti (Lissone), in collaboration with Italvetrine.


Designers/invited/guests: Alberto Biagetti (Giuda Iscariota), Pasquale Bonsignore (San Simone Zelota), CTRLZAK (San Bartolomeo), Lorenzo Damiani (San Tommaso), Ghigos Ideas (San Giacomo Maggiore), Alessandro Guerriero (Gesù Cristo), GUMDESIGN (Giuda Taddeo), JoeVelluto (San Giacomo Minore), Alessandro Marelli (San Pietro) Elena Salmistraro (San Giovanni), Brian Sironi (Sant'Andrea), Sovrappensiero (San Matteo), Alessandro Zambelli (San Filippo).

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